Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas cards...check!

Every year I do most of my shopping in early/mid December, but I always have one or two looming gifts that end up being a stress in those days before Christmas when I would rather just sit at home, play with my kids, and take pictures!  And don't even get me started on the Christmas turned new years turned "Easter" gifts because I break down somewhere between packaging the gift and getting myself to the post office.  My poor out of town friends are probably really beginning to wonder if I actually know when Christmas is!  And Christmas cards???  Yep, I love them!  I love getting them and I love sending them.  But those are always something that ends up being a stress as well.  I either don't get them done in time or I don't have a couple addresses so those ones sit around and never end up getting mailed.  So those will be done early this year as well and to eliminate an errand I will be using so I don't have to worry about picking them up.  They have a lot of great cards to choose from and are super user friendly.  I have not picked my design for this year but I got some cards done through them a few years ago and get lots of my prints done through them.  You can see their Christmas card designs here.  You can get free shipping if you order $25 or more and use the code SHIP25.  Happy shopping and I hope you love making up your Christmas cards as much as I do. They are such a fun way to show some of your favorite pictures from the year.

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