Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elias-Cutler Family Photos

I did some pictures for this family a couple months ago shortly after their little girl was born.  You can see those pictures here.  This time, instead of super heros we had mighty knights, baby Camille is getting bigger, and all the grandparents showed up!  I had a great time doing more pictures of this sweet family and I'll tell you, those boys have been some of my most fun photo models to date!  They are the perfect mix of cute, silly, and able to follow directions--they make it tons of fun (maybe not for mom who just wants her kids to all smile and look at the camera at the exact-same-time :), but for me it's a blast!).

I'll start with this one of the mighty knights keeping watch over their family.  Wouldn't you feel much safer with these two keeping guard :)

 Okay, so I have other shots of this pose where everyone is looking at the camera, but I LOVE how happy and in love grandma and grandpa are in this shot--it's my favorite!  

The boys were having a sword fight...

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  1. Adorable Piper! I love Grandparents. I think they are magical!