Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reid Family Photos

Nicole is a friend and fellow photography lover.  I follow her blogs and watch those sweet babies of hers growing up.  Nicole experiences the curse of many photographers--lack of family pictures you are happy with.  So, I wanted to get a few for her and her family and give her a chance to not be behind the camera.  Well, I made some major photographer mistakes with this shoot!  Oh man--I shot at noon on a sunny day.  I knew it was supposed to be nice but it is December 4th in Seattle so I thought for sure it would be overcast.  Wrong!  It was beautiful, but hard for pictures.  Then, I took a family with 2 small kids and a daddy with an injured back on about a mile long walk!  Crazy?  YES!  Sorry guys!!!  That sun just kept spoiling my ideas so I had to move on :(.  But, they hung in there and I think we got some good ones.  I have to be honest, I drove home feeling a bit defeated.  The kids didn't fall for my tricks and the sun was against me.  But, I was pleasantly surprised with some of these and with a little extra effort in lightroom I think I am going to bed significantly happier about the day's shooting adventures.

This is quite a bit more editing than I tend to do.  I am not sure about it, but I wanted to put it up because I need to break out of my comfort zone with editing.  

Love this one!

 This one cracks me up--I think it should be the poster image for what a mother goes through during a photo shoot!

And this last one just makes me happy because I know Nicole and I know that's her girl :)

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  1. LOVE them all Piper! You made me cry. Thank you so much for today!