Sunday, January 2, 2011

the 365 project (divided by 7)

It seems I have seen a lot of photographers participating in the 365 project, which I have no proof but am almost certain came from that movie Julia and Julia, over the last year or two.  Well, I am jumping on the bandwagon this year.  But, because with two small kids and a wonderful husband to love as well as a growing business to do my best at, there is NO WAY I will get around to taking, yet alone posting, a picture a day.  So I am creating my own spin on the project.  I tend to be a bit of a purist in my processing.  I try to get my pictures looking the best they can straight from the camera and tweak them just enough to make the colors really pop.  While I don't plan to start over processing my pictures to make them look "cool" I do think that it would be fun to return a few obviously edited, yet fun, images to my customers.  So, in an effort to really work on my editing skills to better the quality of images I return to my customers I am going to show one edited picture a week for the next year in my "365 (divided by 7) project."  So here we go...

Week 1:

This week I chose to do a black and white conversion.  I get really picky with black and white images.  I love pictures that POP and black and white done wrong can often cause you to lose depth to an image.  But done right, can take an image from ordinary to beautiful!

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