Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby James

I met this lovely little boy this morning!  Once he was drunk on milk he gave us lots of sleepy time to get some fun shots.  I am getting really excited about my new newborn set ups.  Between using natural light and having the ability to create a little mini in home studio with my speed lights I am finding a new love with newborn photo shoots...even when they are inside!

 That hat was made for his daddy when he was a baby.  

 The one time in his life George will be bigger than him.  Not too long from now he will pass that monkey up and keep on growing!

 I love his little foot in this picture.

Link over to my facebook page for a special series I put together that, for some reason, would not upload to the blog.  

Thanks for letting me photograph your sweet boy today, he is darling!  Congratulations!!!


  1. Thank you so much for taking the pictures, they are wonderful.

  2. Fantastic shots Piper!! You'll have to share your secrets!