Monday, January 10, 2011

Isaac and Nathaniel

Now that Isaac is sitting his mama wanted some updated pictures of him.  It was freezing, it was threatening to snow, and it was raining a little; but all bad weather held off long enough to get some fun photos out in the back yard.  And what better models than two boys who see their photographer once...twice...sometimes three times a week!  I don't get the "whose this strange lady" look--I just get cute smiles from two of the sweetest boys I know.
You may notice with this post my watermark has changed.  It still might change a little, but I think it is close to the final product.  Although the black circle was my first attempt at a logo or watermark creation I have come to realize that it is 1. obnoxious, and 2. really distracts from my pictures.


  1. Cute as can be. I can't see your watermark at all. Can you make the images larger?

  2. yep, click on them. The watermark is pretty discrete, look center/center bottom on most. You will mostly just see my last name. Ironically on most pics it protects better than the big circle because I can put it right over a part that could not be cropped out without taking away from the picture, whereas with the big black circle I had to work to get it out of the way of the picture. Anyway, like I said, it's still a work in progress but I am liking it better.