Thursday, January 20, 2011

Newborn pictures: Vivienne

I love shooting outdoors in natural light, but I also realize, in the beautiful area of the country I live, sometimes it is just not feasible to do shots outside.  Especially newborns, because what parent is going to bring their brand new baby out in the cold and strip all their clothes off?  So, I have been collecting a few things to do a little mock up studio in someone's home for newborn pictures.  Yesterday, I got to test some of it out on this sweet little girl, and work on using my indoor lighting, something I don't do often enough.  She was a dream, hardly fussy and although she fought the deep sleep, with patience and help from her mama we were able to get some fun shots.

 We worked hard for this shot! 

Thanks for letting me practice my indoor lighting on your little sweetie!

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  1. You did a beautiful job : ) Kaishon just looked at the baby and said 'that is a smart baby.' : ) He likes the pose in the hands!