Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stephen and Laura's Engagement

On Wednesday we all decided to reschedule this photo shoot in hopes of getting better weather.  I am glad we did!  Even though it was forcasted to rain, I woke up to blue skies and was so excited for this shoot of my friend Laura and her fiancé, Stephen.  They are in town from Alabama for just shy of a week so I am so thankful the weather decided to cooperate.  We met at Volunteer Park in Seattle and endured the freezing cold to get some fun pictures!

Laura asked me to do this pose because it matches a pose her parents did for their engagement pictures.  Such a cool idea!

These next two I love, but they also crack me up.  These describe perfectly why I love engagement sessions.  Because, for about an hour, I get to say to people lines like this...
"when I say so, run slowly up the hill and just act like, you know, how you would NATURALLY run through the park..."
"put your right hand in the small of her back and your other hand can just go where you would NATURALLY put it as you stand in a tree together on a romantic Saturday afternoon."

Seriously though, I love doing engagement pictures!

I think this is my favorite from the day.  Oh, and see that flag on the Space Needle?  That would be the 12th man flag waiving proudly as the Seahawks beat the Saints today!!!  woot woot!

blue skies and an opportunity to get some sun flare in the pictures!  Seriously, I am still excited about having had a photo shoot today.  

Congratulations you guys, can't wait until June for your wedding.

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