Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby N

This little beauty came 2 weeks early so I got to go do some sweet newborn pictures yesterday.  She was amazing!  And, she shares a birthday with her photographer so she is already an awesome baby in my book!

 Don't you just want to kiss that sweet smile!  Sleep grins are my favorite newborn stage.

 Her daddy picked that flower and put it down next to her...so I went with it and I think it came out cute. Nice touch Nick!

 Because she came 2 weeks early I got to use the newborn size hat featured in my giveaway earlier this month.  2 shoots in one day using adorable handmade hats.  

 Remember this?

 This was my favorite family shot, so sweet!

Thanks for letting me meet your sweet girl on the outside, she is beautiful.  Congratulations!

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