Monday, April 25, 2011

Max & Tiffany Part 2

Remember this wedding?  Well at a certain point during the day we all agreed that Tiffany could only fake it so much with the flu and it would just be easier to meet up again at a later date and do some more pictures.  They went the whole 9 yards deciding to get back in their wedding attire.  Max even got Tiffany a new flower bouquet!  We had a great time at Golden Gardens in what was the most beautiful day of this year so far! There are a lot of great pictures with great warm was hard for me to pick just a few for the sneak peek.

 These ones in the grass are my favorite...the lighting was awesome!

We didn't get an opportunity to use Tiffany's scooter at the wedding, so they brought it along for these pictures.  I think we had no less than 20 people congratulate them on their wedding, one woman took a picture of them on her iPhone, and one group started talking about the statistical rate of divorce (pretty sure that has to be against unwritten rules of etiquette when you see people in wedding attire).  So just goes to show, if you want to have some good laughs, throw on your wedding attire and walk around town.

Thanks for meeting up with me was a joy to get some more pictures to complete your wedding story.  

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