Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brenna & Kiran part 2

Remember this couple?  We did some engagement pictures in the fall and almost got out of it with no rain.  But the wet ground and the end of the session rain caused me to look back at their pictures and think they should have a few more poses.  I loved what we got on that overcast day, but it just felt like we needed something more.  So I offered to do a few more poses as we got closer to the wedding.  Crazy thing is we have rescheduled so many times I have lost count because it has been raining so much!  But tonight was beautiful so we met up at the beach near where they are getting married. We just did a few poses but now I am satisfied that my customers have enough variety for their engagement pictures :)

We worked a little on the dip...I have some plans for some awesome dip shots on their wedding day so get to practicing guys!

Almost just a month away from the big day!  

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  1. I'm not 100% certain what's going on with the clarity of your images. (They look great when you click on them but they're not clear in the reduced sized images) but the problem for me was that when I was resizing my images to post them on my blog, I wasn't resizing them to the EXACT SAME SIZE that I was posting them/uploading them.

    For example, if I was uploading my horizontal images at 600 pixels in width, I had to make sure I resized them before posting them on my blog so they were 600 pixels in width.

    Hope that makes sense and hope it helps.