Sunday, June 12, 2011

J. & R. Married

Today I did a fun and unique wedding.  It was very small, and very short.  They got married at the High Alpine Chapel at Boehm's Candies.  It is a cute little chapel that seats maybe 30-40 people.  I really liked it and it is a great place for someone looking for a nice quiet ceremony with their few closest friends and family.  At this wedding the women wore such beautiful colors!  I love the clothing from India.  In just 1 hour the bride wore two different dresses, and both were wonderful!  All their family and friends were so happy for them, and so am I!  Congratulations you guys, it was a joy to be part of your special day.

 Instead of a ring exchange, J. gave R. a gold cross/heart necklace.

 They combined their individual vases of sand into one...the sand can never be brought back to it's separated form.  This was a really neat part of their ceremony!


 I really love this one!  It is just one example of how clearly happy all their family and friends were to be a part of their big day.  

Group shot.  

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