Monday, June 13, 2011

Miles 8 days

I met this sweet little guy and his big sister and brother today at their house.  The first goal was to get a shot of the three kids together.  After two failed attempts with nice backdrops and fronts of shirts showing, we ditched those efforts and settled on everyone together, everyone looking cute.  I call this first set "life" because with 3 kids under 3.5 years old sometimes your backdrop has to be the kitchen, the cute etsy purchased shirts won't read perfectly their family order, and all you can hope for is that the sweetness they bring to your life shows up in the pictures your photographer takes.  I hope I captured that for you all...I think it looks like you will have a lot of fun in the years to come!

Then we got some shots of the newest member of the family.  What a mellow little guy, and a cutie!

Thanks for letting me do your pictures today.  It was fun meeting you guys and seeing a window into my future with 3 under 3.5!

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