Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bridget and Mike married

Bridget and Mike were married last weekend.  Unless I get a surprise last minute booking, this was my last wedding for the summer and possibly for quite some time as I am not booking for the winter this year.  I will miss the photography and the people I get to meet, but with soon to be 3 little ones I know I will need the break.
The rain threatened to make this outdoor wedding very interesting, but overall they had a wonderful day and some blue skies!  The had a very pretty outdoor wedding and lots of friends and family to celebrate the night.  Congratulations you two, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

 getting all ready

 This is one of my favorites of the day!  So sweet.

My newest wedding goal is to get a great smart phone shot.  In the last year it is so funny to see everyone capturing their loved ones big day on their phones.  

Congratulations you guys!  Enjoy your Mexico honeymoon :)

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