Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogging change/update

So far I have always done a day of or day after sneak peek of people's pictures on my blog.  It is a nice way to show people 6-7 of the pictures they had done that day.  It has become evident though that this step in my processing really slows me down when I have busy weeks with post processing.  So I will be changing up the way I do things.  The sneak peeks will now be on my facebook and will only include 1-3 pictures the day of.  You are free to tag yourself in them but I ask that you give me credit if you post them to your own facebook and that you never remove my watermark.  Sessions will still be blogged, but my standard will be within the week rather than the day of.  It appears when I get really busy I fall at least a week behind with the blogging I like to do so I figure I would eliminate that as a factor in my editing.  This helps me keep at a good pace with my post processing work and have a good turn around time on getting your pictures back to you.  Thanks for your understanding.

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