Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm Back

Okay, I confess, I didn't go anywhere!  But, I have certainly been out of the blogging world for oh, it looks like almost 2 months now!  If you follow me on facebook you know I have been updating shoots over there, but somehow fell off the face of the earth over here.

As you can see, things are looking a little different.  My good friend Bethany helped me do a little face lift to this blog.  I have decided for the time being to consolidate my blog and website.  Mainly because my little web hosting site was expiring and I didn't want to renew it when 2012 will hopefully bring the actual hiring of a web/graphic designer and an amazing looking website (yes, I am interested in referrals for this service).  So, I consolidated, and I would say she did a pretty good job!  It is still a work in progress as I need to get my portfolio tab up and running, but for now you can see what I have been up to.

I am loving my business and where it is going!  I am thankful to have done many sessions this summer and hope everyone loves their pictures!  I am booking up my final sessions for October and maybe just that first week of November before I take a maternity leave, so if you have not already, book your session for your family portraits.

My intention was to come back and update all the shoots I have done over the last couple months, but I'll be completely honest and say that ship has sailed.  If you want to check out my recent work head on over to facebook.

Looking forward to getting up and running again on this blog and glad it is looking much better these days.

For now, here is a little story board I put together recently.  I am working on adding these as something special my clients can have me put together so I would love your feedback on it.

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