Friday, March 23, 2012

Daily Life sessions

Are you waiting to schedule a family photo shoot until your daughter can be convinced not to dress herself just this once?  Until your toddler gets good enough at walking so the permabruise in the middle of their forehead goes away?  Or until the "haircut" your child gave them self can be salvaged into something presentable?  While in certain stages of life it might be a good idea to wait to invest in cute stylish outfits for those family portraits, consider investing in documenting one or two of those special things your family does together.

I love taking pictures of my kids being kids and having fun doing the things they love.  My daughter in her classic shorts over her leggings and stickers all over her shirt look, my son's unevenly growing hair and high water pants because he outgrows the length WAY before he ever out grows the waist, and the baby hanging out in the seat on the counter (because I ignore the safety warnings) taking in all the chaos...the look of hope that she will soon be involved plastered on her face.  Most of the time I am involved in doing these things with them, making it hard for me to take pictures.  While taking pictures (especially of my kids) ranks up there as one of my favorite things to do, it would be lovely to occasionally be in one of those candid moments.

I thought it would be amazing to offer this as a photo shoot option for my customers.   These are "daily life" sessions.  The goal will be to document some of those moments that happen in your normal every day life that are so special.  I will come hang out while you bake cookies with your kids or do arts and crafts.  While you take a family hike or run through the sprinklers in the yard.  Whatever it is your family has been having a lot of fun doing lately, I want to document it for you.  Sure, we might take a posed pic or two, but mostly I will just be there hanging out capturing the smiles, and joy, and the fun!  And that person that is normally the family photographer will finally get their share of the photo album spot light!

Here is a recent unscripted moment I caught around my house.  This boy loves his sister :)

The pricing of these shoots will somewhat depend on the activity you want to plan, but the base price is $75/hr with a minimum of 1 hour.  As I build and design this option for customers I have a couple discounted shoots to offer.

I have a few ideas I want to do and am offering these shoots to families at a discounted rate of $50.  These include:

Baking cookies together: You must have a kitchen with good lighting and be willing to let me sample the goods :).  The first family to contact me and pay through paypal will get this shoot at the discounted rate.

Hiking with the family:  Shoot will take place at St. Edwards Park.  All members of family must be able to walk (or be carried in child backpacks 1.5 miles round trip (pretty steep incline but my 2 and 3 year old can do it so it is not super hard with help).  We will hike down to the water and back up to the park.  You also must have a WA state parks pass ($30 at REI) or pay the $10 for parking at WA state parks as this is a requirement for this park.  First family to contact me and pay through paypal will get this shoot at the discounted rate.

Easter Egg coloring:  You must be able to do this shoot in the next week.  The first family to contact me and pay through paypal will get this shoot at the discounted rate.

Do you have another idea you want to do for your family?  Contact me before the end of March with your idea and you will get 20% off your shoot.

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