Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dusting Off This Old Blog and Starting a New Adventure

Well hi there!  It sure has been awhile since I have touched this little internet space of mine.  I've been busy: added to my family, made a few moves, learning how to home school our kids, my husband got his dream job.  Stuff like that.  Still moving forward in this photography business of mine, and now I am starting something new.  I'm not going to go into why I haven't been doing my blog because no one cares (including me!).  But what I am going to discuss is this new adventure, I'm having so much fun and my heart is so happy with the work I am doing.  So what's new...

Documentary sessions!!!  For real documentary.  Not life style.  Not posed to look candid.  Real, this is your life, documentary sessions.

It's truly what I have been wanting to do for at least 5 years now, probably longer!  It's what I have always wanted to do for families but time and time again, no matter how great my session was, I felt like I had missed my goal.  I couldn't figure out why I always felt this way, but I did.  Then I realized that I felt this way because really what I have always wanted to do for the families that hire me is give them what I do for my own family all the time.  A capture of those moments that make up their life.  Those aspects of their life today that will bring them immediately back when they see that image in 20 years.  As a photographer I am helping families record their story of this life they are living.  I came to realize that as the yearly portrait photographer I was giving people the titles of their chapters, but what I really wanted to do was give them a couple pages of the chapter itself!

So I have spent late nights brainstorming.  Drafting ideas and reaching out to people to help me.  I have come up with 2 documentary sessions.  One will document 2-3 hours of your day, the "moment in time" session.  This is for the after dinner bike rides, a play date at the park, a special event, or for that family portrait session with a huge touch of something more.  The possibilities are endless, what special thing has woven itself into your daily routine and you want to remember its presence in your life when it's been replaced with a new season of life?  The other one will document 6-8 hours of your day, the "day in the life of" session.  This is for those that want it all.  The details.  The transition from one activity to another.  The busy morning and the lazy afternoon in the yard.  A full day of life with your family.  What's a typical (or not so typical, today is extra special) day look like for you?

So what will this look like in our photographer/customer relationship?  We'll talk about your life, on the phone, over coffee, whatever works.  We'll plan a day.  I will meet your kids so I won't be a stranger come picture day.  We'll spend the day together, you living and enjoying, me along to document it.  After I have edited your images and made you an awesome slide show video to watch over and over and over again, we will get together so I can show you all your images.  You will get to select the images you want in your album, which is included in both these sessions.  Once we have made your album, you can choose to order additional products and art.  It's a process I go through with you, from meeting before your shoot to plan a special day, all the way to delivering your album and admiring it with you.  I want to give my customers so much more than just the yearly shoot and some drop boxed digitals...

I have completed my very first documentary session, check out the video below!  I have several more lined up to help me work out the details.  I can't wait to document your day!  The ordinary.  The mess.  The laughter and fun.  All of it!  Contact me for all the details so we can sit down together over a cup of coffee and plan your session.

Now a note on digitals.  I know that you want them!  And I don't plan to take that option away from you.  But real, in your hands, on your walls, not on a screen images, are so important!  I want you to have at least the album that comes in your package.  I want you to enjoy flipping through it, with your kids...with your grandkids.  And I want your product to be high quality!  I want to do the work and deliver something beautiful to you, not have you pick up something mediocre from the 1 hour lab.

I'm excited for this new adventure I am taking.  I am excited to grow as an artist and share what I love with you!


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